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RE: The local Lenovo support

I actually had a similiar experience with Lenovo support. Called them up and explained that my graphics card on the motherboard, wasnt functioning correctly. Quick and smart troubleshooting and then the support guy said they needed to change to board. We arranged a date, but I had problems saying where I would be (home, or a client site). No problem, my service rep will call you in the morning and you can find a place to meet up then. 

The day after I got a call, we decided where to meet. He replaced the board and I was good to go. 


RIM misses forecasts for fifth quarter in a row

Watching the current pipeline and competition, more disappointments are not unlikely…

The global Lenovo support

My Lenovo X1 broke down on a business trip to London last week. It seemed that the motherboard was toast and I was hoping to get the computer repaired within a couple of weeks (the kind of waiting consumers are used to). When contacting our IT-guys I was informed that our company (or perhaps it was the global Lenovo support) has a 24 hour on-site repair arrangement. Pretty amazing, got my mother board replaced they day after I reported the error. Apparently, had I reported the error when in London, the on-site repair would probably had been even more prompt…simply amazing :)